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Contracts - Buying a Car

When you’ve found the right car and you want to leave a deposit, make sure you get a sales contract – or, if buying privately, a receipt. This will not only give you peace of mind, but could protect you if things go wrong.

• Ensure that all the details are written on the contract, including your name, address and the full details of the car.

• Make sure that the purchase price is clearly displayed so that there can be no confusion later. Details of the deposit should also be recorded so you can easily see the balance to pay.

• If buying from a garage, take five minutes to read the terms and conditions, which should be on the back of the paperwork. If they are not there, ask for a copy – you are entitled to see them before you sign. If you are unsure on any points, ask. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t sign.

• Sign the paperwork, and make sure the other party does as well.

• Even if you’re buying privately, you can still ask the seller for a receipt.


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