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How to haggle - Buying a Car

To many, haggling is a dark art but, without it, you could end up spending thousands more for a car than you have to.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and there are some simple pointers to help you become an effective negotiator and clinch a great deal.

• Do your research. Before you visit a dealer, do some homework and find out the size of discounts that companies are offering. Brokers, internet companies and even car supermarkets have information online, and the What Car? Target Price will show you the average price that you can expect to pay for a car.

• If buying privately, find out what similar cars are going for, set your price and then negotiate to it with the seller.

• Stay calm. You’ll get a better deal if you are cool, calm and collected.

• Decide on your specification of car, know what you're looking to buy, and don’t be talked into taking a lower specced car unless the price reflects it.

• Start at a low opening price but be realistic. Let the other person negotiate you up to a price you are both happy with.

• Don’t be put off by special offers in the showroom. Check the details to see if they are as good as they look. It might better to get a bigger discount than to go for a special offer.

• Show commitment. If you look as if you want to do a deal, the other person should work harder to reach an agreement.

• Deliver an ultimatum. If you are getting close to a deal, say that you will buy a particular car at a particular price – if they agree now.

• Walk away. Don’t be afraid to leave if you can’t reach the deal you're looking for. There is always another car and another deal.


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