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If you spot a used car priced well below its market value, be on your guard – it’s probably a scam.

Don’t be tempted by cut-price cars from abroad. The seller may claim it’s a UK car and sound genuine, but it’s probably a scam. They’ll want you to send money to a shipping company or foreign bank account, but by the time you realise something’s amiss, you’ll have lost your money and there'll be no sign of a car.

Suspect anyone who insists on being paid in cash only.UK based criminals tend not to use accounts with mainstream banks – opening an account is harder and money is easier to trace. They may demand payment in cash – even if it means lowering the price of the car so you can afford it.

Don’t send money aboard to a foreign bank account unless you personally know the person involved and have seen the car in question. Money sent internationally is harder to trace and the local authorities may not be willing to help.

Cloned cars are stolen or accident-repaired vehicles disguised to look like genuine cars. They can often be hard to spot, and come with credible-seeming paperwork. Research the car by making a history check and examine its paperwork carefully to ensure the VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) match.


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