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Mitsubishi Motors has drawn up a corporate philosophy that both states the purpose of the company's existence and provides a clearer roadmap for its future direction. Adhering to "The Three Principles* " of the Mitsubishi group of companies, the new philosophy will serve as a touchstone for all activities conducted under the Mitsubishi Motors name. The central concepts of this philosophy are as follows:

Customer-centric approach
Mitsubishi Motors will give the highest priority to earning the satisfaction of its customers, and by doing so, become a company that enjoys the trust and confidence of community at large. To that end, Mitsubishi Motors will strive its utmost to tackle environmental issues, raise the level of passenger and road safety and address other issues of concern to car owners and the general public.




A clear direction for the development and manufacturing of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles
The cars that Mitsubishi Motors will manufacture will embody two major concepts: "driving pleasure" and "safety". Mitsubishi Motors will manufacture cars that deliver superior driving performance and superior levels of safety and durability, and as such, those who use them will enjoy peace of mind.

Going the extra mile
Mitsubishi Motors will pay close attention even to the smallest details in the belief that this approach will lead customers to discover new value in their cars, giving them a richer and more rewarding motoring experience.

Importance of continuity
Mitsubishi Motors will continue to manufacture distinctive cars with the passion and conviction to overcome all challenges.





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