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As on the saloon, you shouldn’t expect to get much more than a few hundred pounds discount on an A4 Avant. However, the good news is that means that residual values are among the strongest in the class, especially on the smaller-engined diesel models.

Audi is rightly renowned for its diesels, and these are certainly the best engines in the range. However, do your sums carefully before buying one, as you’ll need to do a high annual mileage to recoup their higher (than the equivalent petrol models’) list prices through the lower fuel bills.

Similarly, we don’t think it’s worth paying for the most expensive V6 petrol or 3.0-litre TDI models, as they have the least impressive fuel economy and the lowest residuals.

However, given that this Avant model may have to carry heavy loads or, perhaps, tow, those engines’ all-wheel drive makes more sense here than on other A4s.

Audi A4 AvantPro's and Con's

Pro: The A4 Avant has a well-shaped boot and a roomy cabin. It’s good to drive, ownership costs are competitive and residuals should be strong.

Con: The rear seats don't fold completely flat, the pedals are offset to the right and some plastics are not up to Audi's usual standards.


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