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You shouldnít expect to get much more than a few hundred pounds in the way of a discount. However, the pro to that con is that residual values are among the strongest in the class, especially on the smaller-engined diesel models.

Audi is rightly renowned for its diesel models, and these are certainly the best engines in the range. However, do your sums carefully before buying one, as youíll need to do a high annual mileage to recoup their higher (than the equivalent petrol modelsí) list prices through the lower fuel bills.

Similarly, we donít think itís worth paying for the most expensive models, unless you need their four-wheel drive, as they have the least impressive fuel economy and the lowest residuals. On the other hand, if applicable, itís worth avoiding the (unbadged) base trim. SE is only a little dearer, and much more attractive in the used market.

Audi A4 SedanPro's and Con's

Pro: The A4 is spacious inside, and a good, grippy car to drive, with plenty of powerful engines. Thanks to reasonable list prices and strong residual values, the ownership costs are competitive.

Con: It's not as exciting to drive as a BMW 3 Series; in particular, the firm ride quality is a real disappointment. The dashboard can be cluttered, too.


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