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The Audi Q5 competes against some very desirable machinery and its price tag brings it into conflict with some larger 4x4s that are more capable off-road. However, the lure of the Audi badge means plenty of buyers will be tempted by the Q5 and its charms are worth considering.

It deals with most bumpy surfaces far better than almost every other rival and it's generally very refined at all speeds, except for some wind noise from the door mirrors. It also offers up a cabin with masses of space front and rear, and a large boot, although we're not as impressed by the build quality as we are in most other Audis.

Reasonable running costs due to acceptable emissions and economy appeal to private and business drivers, although we'd recommend the more frugal 2.0-litre turbodiesel over the punchier 3.0 V6 diesel or 2.0-litre petrol, especially as the 2.0 TDi has a six-speed manual as standard. Equipment and safety kit are generous.

Audi Q5 4x4Pro's and Con's

Pro: An impressive car thanks to its great refinement. It also has a large boot and generous interior space for passengers. Plus, it's well equipped and the dash is clear and easy to use.

Con: The high pricetag, offset driving position and wind noise are niggles, but the biggest problem is the over-firm ride.


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