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There is a choice of two petrol engines in the R8 range, a 4.2 V8 and a 5.2 V10, but there are bigger differences between the two cars than just the extra horsepower and stronger performance of the V10. The model with the larger engine also has a unique front grille, exclusive alloy wheels and the world’s first all-LED headlights.

Whichever model you fancy, though, don’t forget that this is a highly sought-after car, so you should expect a wait before you take delivery. Minimise that by ringing round for a cancelled order or consider paying a little more to jump up the list.

Mind you, even if you can wangle a quicker delivery, brace yourself for high running costs: the R8 is in group 20 for insurance and returns less than 20mpg. At least, the residuals should be strong.

Audi R8 CoupePro's and Con's

Pro: The R8 has everything you would expect from a supercar – staggering performance and brilliant handling, for a start – plus some things you might not, like refinement and everyday usability.

Con: The optional semi-automatic gearbox is expensive and jerky at low speeds, but that’s about as far as the complaints go. The limited practicality and high running costs are no surprise.


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