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There are four engines in the i30 range, but you're best off with the basic 1.4 petrol unit. The 1.6 petrol needs working hard and is noisy at high revs, and the extra cost of the diesel-engined models means they may struggle to make much economic sense.

Just as the basic engine is the best buy, so we think it's most sensible to stick with the lower trim levels; even the basic Classic comes with air-con, electric front windows and stability control. However, Comfort - at just 700 more, and adding alloy wheels and electric rear windows - also looks attractive. For all that, though, one of the biggest attractions must be that the i30, like all Hyundais, comes with a five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

It's worth shopping around for a discount, but remember that the i30 already undercuts its more mainstream rivals, but you won't get as big a discount as on a Golf or a Focus.

Hyundai i30Pro's and Con's

Pro: The i30 doesn't cost much, but it has lots of luxury and safety kit, generous passenger space and a five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

Con: It's bland inside and out, and not as classy as the best cars in this class.


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