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Toyota Rav4 Crossover Review - Toyota Reviews South Africa

This is the best RAV4 to date, and should be thought of as a family-ferrying crossover rather than a serious off roader.

It does have dedicated four-wheel drive, with a locking differential, on most models, but its limited ground clearance and low-profile wheels means itís not going to get very far in the rough.

The diesel-engined models are the best buys, as their power suits the car well. The petrol models are disappointing, noisy and slow in comparison. At least resale values are good, as is general build quality.

Toyota have now fitted run-flat tyres or a repair system as standard on the RAV4 range, which means there is no spare bolted to the rear tailgate. This does allow the quirky side-hinged tailgate to open further, giving better access, but it's still not an ideal system.

Toyota Rav4 CrossoverPro's and Con's

Pro: The RAV4 is a no-nonsense crossover. Most models have four-wheel drive and are useful off-road. Itís tough and strong, and a capable towing vehicle.

Con: It feels large and cumbersome compared with more modern rivals. The cabin is dark and the engines a little noisy. The ride is on the firm side, too.


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